Kids Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams

Adults in Boynton Beach, FL, only visit Eyesite of Boynton Beach when they have an eye problem. However, eye exams are essential for kids all through their lives, especially when they begin school. Often, school-going children do not know that they have an eye problem until it has advanced to worse stages.

Pediatric eye exams are essential not just for the diagnosis of eye problems but also to maintain eye health. It is also not enough to take your child to s regular doctor for an eye exam or rely on school eye exams. Pediatric optometrists are highly trained to conduct an eye exam in a more sophisticated way compared to general practitioners.


A trip to the eye doctor will help your child receive better vision. There are numerous tests to be conducted, and there is no pain during the process. Here are a few tests you can expect during a pediatric eye exam in Boynton Beach, FL:

1. Visual Acuity Tests

Visual acuity is the ability to distinguish two points as being separate. When one does not have good visual acuity, then images appear blurred. The best method used to test visual acuity during a kid's eye exam is using the Snellen chart. It consists of letters or numbers arranged in decreasing size. The optometrist will ask your child to sit at a certain distance from the chart and then ask them to read the letters.

2. Retinoscopy

Also known as Skiasvopy, this is a test done to determine or diagnose a refractive error during a kids' eye exam. Once an error has been determined, the optometrist can then prescribe glasses or contact lenses.

3. Color Vision Tests

Color vision is what enables us to react to our environment appropriately. Children are always excited when they are exposed to color, and thus it's vital to ensure that your child sees the world around them. A color vision test is most often performed using an Ishihara chart. Pediatric Ishihara charts are simple, usually requiring the child to classify a green and red line.

4. Stereopsis Tests

This is a test that tells us about your child’s depth perception. It can be helpful in making sure that one eye isn’t becoming weaker than the other which can affect how the eyes work together. Testing stereopsis is also helpful in monitoring amblyopia, more commonly known as “lazy” eye.

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