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Early Signs of Glaucoma

Taking care of your eyes is an important thing to do in general, as not doing so can cause a negative impact down the line. Glaucoma is a condition that is caused by increased interocular pressure. If left unaddressed, glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss. Fortunately, there are ways to identify and address glaucoma before it becomes a problem. At Eye-Site, we have years of experience providing Boynton Beach, FL residents with glaucoma treatment. Following are some early signs of the condition you should be aware of.

Tips on Detecting the Early Signs of Glaucoma

The main challenge when it comes to glaucoma treatment is that the early stages have very few noticeable symptoms. In the most common form of glaucoma, there are no obvious signs of its presence. Regular eye exams from a trusted optometrist provide you with your best chances of avoiding vision loss.

During these eye exams, our optometrist will dilate your pupils to measure your eyes' intraocular pressure and verify whether or not your pressure levels are within the normal range. If the pressure levels are high, our optometrist will then determine whether you have glaucoma. They will also test your peripheral vision. Impaired side vision may be due to glaucoma. More serious forms of glaucoma that would be considered medical emergencies do exist. If you suspect you are suffering from glaucoma, do not hesitate to contact our eye doctor.

Glaucoma is more common in people over 60 and may be exacerbated by eye trauma and corticosteroid use. If you are diligent, you will be able to have glaucoma slowed or stopped altogether before it can result in any vision loss.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Optometrist in Boynton Beach, FL for Glaucoma Treatment

If you suspect you are suffering from glaucoma, call Eye-Site today at (561) 738-0111 to schedule an eye exam.


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